March 11, 2017




Professor Musa Maina, a respected academician at the University of Jos, Nigeria, gave a brilliant exposé of the history of the fulanis in St. Augustine Major Seminary, Jos.


This exposé is even more meaningful and noteworthy at a time when the killings of citizens by herdsmen in certain communities in Nigeria is getting uncontrolled. One might wonder now amidst the crisis in southern Kaduna  and in other places, if there are other things the fulani does other than taking care of his cattle.

While some may not know exactly why the fulani herdsmen are invariable attached to this particular means of life, others settle for the possibility of a kind of Jihad movement in  Nigeria.




Fulani herdsmen. Google image

A video  of the history of the fulani by Prof. Musa Maina. Professor Musa Maina of the University of Jos speaks about the History of the Fulanis (especially in Africa and Nigeria). 

Click the Link to watch the video!

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