August 3, 2017


By David F. Effiong

I went to the Mariana resort of recent with friends. I have also longed to go swimming. As we tried to unravel our skins to the heat of the sun, I noticed a beautiful woman. She had oval thick lips and a broad nose. Her skin was rather of the colour of chocolate but she was with a baby. Its piercing voice had called our attention towards the mother. We knew of a truth that it was the voice of “mama give me breast.” She tried all she could to make the baby kept quit while stealing glances here and there. But she could not recognize the simple fact that we just wanted to see her breast pop out of its cage for the baby. 

(Photo credit: Patpat-ugwu. I think we have gotten used to covering the breast with our hands in such fashion that even our babies become the strangers in public!)

According to  deaths of an estimated 820,000 children under the age of five could be prevented globally every year with increased breastfeeding.Breastfeeding decreases the risk of respiratory tract infections and diarrhea, both in developing and developed countries. Other benefits include lower risks of asthma, food allergies, celiac disease, type 1 diabetes, and leukemia.Breastfeeding may also improve cognitive development and decrease the risk of obesity in adulthood. 

(Photo credit: Chinwe Reuben)

Remove this breast and feed your baby, she would not agree. I just lost the ‘appetite’ for swimming. Forming fine girl and forgetting her natural responsibility. If only she knew that; the “benefits for the mother include less blood loss following delivery, better uterus shrinkage, weight loss, and less postpartum depression; that breastfeeding delays the return of menstruation and fertility, a phenomenon known as lactational amenorrhea. Long term benefits for the mother include decreased risk of breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.”

Be proud of breastfeeding IN PUBLIC!

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I simply try to question the ‘happy darkness’ by encouraging more hands to minimize ignorance. Just a dose of knowledge, is enough in training the mind, to conform to nothing except truth. Let’s ride this train together!

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