January 2, 2018


In 2015, BET had the pleasure of inviting and honouring the music legend and sister to Michael Janet, Janet Damita Jo Jackson. Before she came out for the award, I was so much thrilled by the musical performance/dance of her crew. One could see that Janet’s “Rhythm Nation” (1989) was well rendered and the lead dancer was a near perfect of Janet Jackson on stage.
It’s something amazing isn’t it? That even when you’re still alive, someone is hoping to be like you; someone is working to be better than you; someone is quoting what you said; someone is acting out, is demonstrating what you said; someone loves you.
If there’s anything worth meaningful it is this: that another human being should look upon you as a mentor; that another person re-lives your life, your story and your job today, tomorrow and next. This is the best way to live forever.

My name is David Francis and the nature of my engagements include:

Philosophy (University of Jos, Nigeria); Research Consultant (St. Albert’s Institute, Fayit-Fadan, Kaduna, Nigeria); Editor (Sapientia African Leadership Formation Programme, e. V Address: Badenstedter Street, 99 30453, Hannover, Germany); Editor (African Home Reintegration, Spinnereistrasse 1A 30449, Hannover, Germany); Literature (S. E. M. S. Nassarawa State, Nigeria); Former Associate Editor, “Periscope Magazine,” Abuja and Columnist, “Seekers Delight Magazine,” Kaduna.

I simply try to question the ‘happy darkness’ by encouraging more hands to minimize ignorance. Just a dose of knowledge, is enough in training the mind, to conform to nothing except truth. Let’s ride this train together!

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