In 2015, BET had the pleasure of inviting and honouring the music legend and sister to Michael Janet, Janet Damita Jo Jackson. Before she came out for the award, I was so much thrilled by the musical performance/dance of her crew. One could see that Janet’s “Rhythm Nation” (1989) was well rendered and the lead dancer was a near perfect of Janet Jackson on stage.
It’s something amazing isn’t it? That even when you’re still alive, someone is hoping to be like you; someone is working to be better than you; someone is quoting what you said; someone is acting out, is demonstrating what you said; someone loves you.
If there’s anything worth meaningful it is this: that another human being should look upon you as a mentor; that another person re-lives your life, your story and your job today, tomorrow and next. This is the best way to live forever.

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