September 7, 2018


It is true that “when sex goes well, it’s 15 percent of a relationship, and when it goes badly, it’s 85 percent. As a shared pleasure, a form of intimacy, a means of communication, and a haven from everyday tensions, a positive sexual relationship can do much to enhance a couple’s mutual understanding and caring.
Likewise, an honest, fair, and affectionate out-of-bed relationship contributes greatly to sexual satisfaction (Rathus, Nevid & Fichner, Rathus, 2005, quoted in Dennis Coon and John O., “Introduction To Psychology,” USA, 2007).

So below are Ten Ways to Avoid Intimacy!
1) Don’t talk about anything meaningful, especially about your feelings.
2) Never show your feelings. Remain as expressionless as possible.
3) Always be pleasant and pretend everything is okay, even if you’re upset or dissatisfied.
4) Always win, never compromise.
5) Always keep busy; that way you can avoid intimacy and make your partner feel unimportant in your life.
6) Always be right; don’t let on that you are human.

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7) Never argue or you may have to show differences and make changes.
8) Make your partner guess what you want. That way, you can tell your partner that she or he doesn’t really understand or love you.
9) Always take care of your own needs first.
10) Keep the television set on. Wouldn’t you rather be watching TV than talking with your partner?


Do these things with, and to your partner and you’d be sure to avoid intimacy.



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