October 27, 2018


You know it ridicules the black race when you say stuffs like “the further you go into history, the blacker it becomes” or “Africa is the origin of civilization” and other conjectures like “The African race is the mother of all races.”
If you read your history books well, you’ll realize quite alright (following archaeological findings) that the Homo Sapiens, developed from a far less intelligent but stronger race that started in Sub-Saharan Africa. When your hunter-gatherer ancestors set out to hunt and gather food (till death retires them), they spread into different corners of the world, merged with other similar ape-homo like races they met along the way, and birthed more races, biological, sociological and ecological factors changing their complexion over the years.
There is in fact, an archaeological discovery that traces the Adam and Eve biblical story to an African society (there was a sketch of the supposed first man and woman, and a snake in a discovered cave). But this isn’t even the place I’m going to. Let me branch to Ancient Egypt too. Ancient Egypt was the first biggest civilization. I mean, folks were so developed that they even built tunnels, lakes, and had irrigation systems. Egypt was so developed that one would think all the world would bow to Africa’s Egypt forever. But like most African societies, Egypt thought only about today and not the future.
When Europeans came to Africa to carry “our” ancestors, they didn’t come to attack blacks because they were blacks. I mean, Portugal has attacked other European countries. France has invaded fellow European nations for cheap labour. Great Britain, the mother of all explorers had entered different European and eventually American countries to find cheap labour but the labours they bought did not last. They were like Chinese products (in fact Chinese products last these days).
One thing pushed Europe to Africa: capitalism. They needed to make profit. It wasn’t because we were black, as it was because they needed cheap labour to last in their sugarcane plantations. It was fellow Africans that sold their brothers, our ancestors, to the whites. When whites realized that blacks were immune to certain diseases that killed White labourers easily, they reduced, and eventually stopped seeking white labour. They came to Africa full-time!

Again, it wasn’t because we were black. They went to India too and other civilizations. Africa had resources we weren’t using. Africa had cheap labour. Capitalism was paying for those labours, and when they realized our ancestors weren’t smart enough to hold their ground, they took over. No, it wasn’t immediate. It started with things like religion; like promise of freedom in Europe and America; like exchanging ten men for one gun. They didn’t hate your colour. They just needed to make money. But then, you and your slave, are you mates? And when your slaves come from a predominantly black race, do you not presume that the race is backwards, and as such needed your salvation? Do you not treat your slaves like what they are – slaves?

Dear Pan-African
Dear Pan-African. Image from pixabay 

Africans of the 21st century should focus on things like, “look at that black man, he created the cure for cancer,” or look at that black man, “he was the first man on Venus,” or “that negro Nation is so interested in development, they developed anti-aging nanotechnology.” Not on ridiculous stuffs like, “we used to be great. Civilization started from us.”  While I support globalization, I equally think that it wouldn’t be unfair if Africa and its refusal to grow with the world is left.
And with the rate African nations are going about under-developing themselves, borrowing money from white races that are out to make profit, don’t be surprised if blacks start selling themselves into slavery again. Oh wait, black men sell other black men in Libya already. Another generation of black men will blame the white capitalists for this extortion.


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