November 29, 2019

10 Reasons Why I’d Never Be Poor Again

1) I don’t put enough money in the bank.
 I invest with them. Let’s say I have 20k. I look for someone in a steady business, give out the 20k, and in three weeks time (or less) I get either 3 – 5k as profit. I’ve done this over and over again with different businesses. 
Now think of the deductions made by Nigerian banks in the name of ‘card maintenance’, ‘CBN directives,’ and all that shit. How’s it helping you save really?
2) I don’t work for money – hence no rat race!
Money works for me. How? I have enough value to not beg for a job. I give out these values, and the money comes. If I work for money, I’d never have resigned from a job months back.
3) I have categorically reduced my expenses and I’m increasing my assets. 
No more drinking with familiar strangers for hours. No more unnecessary outings. No more expensive dates for now (trust me when I say I ALWAYS make a good first impression with a lady on a date.
 I’ve reduced it, if not stopped it. I hang out with guys more. It’s cheap. No one laughs at you for not buying two bowls of fish, neither do they wonder if you’ll be a generous husband). I know the difference between being charitable, and being foolish. I prefer to cook. 
4) I don’t do double timing.
A girlfriend is okay. Two girlfriends is fun. Three girlfriends is a crowd. A lover is okay. Two lovers is an economic risk. Brainstorming to improve on business strategies is better than ‘heartstorming’ to play it safe with women.  How much will I spend satisfying two or more fertile women – with all of them desiring or wanting different things? 
5) I can say “No” and still sleep.
Even when I’m broke, I know when a deal is a bad one. I know when people want to use me to enrich themselves alone.
 When offered a job, I now check the stress levels, the distance to workplace, the prospects of personal growth, the openness to new insights, the “what-if-i-die-today” tests, and then the “what-is-in-it-for-me” question. I’d say “No” if I answer all the questions in the negatives…
6) I stay away from complaining friends.
They are not interested in taking risks. They are scared, so they run to complaining – while doing nothing. Their presence thwarts my brain cells to think of new challenges. 
7) I fall in love with growth.
 Not the thoughts of touching two lactation machines on a chest, a pair of heavy or watery butts, and lips that invite both Angels and demons for dinner.
 There’s still a lady that is yet to forgive me. She has everything most men would die for. She didn’t understand why I couldn’t get to be with her. What she didn’t know is that if I had dated her, I’d spend my entire life sustaining her obsessions with her body. 

10 reasons why I'd never be poor.
Author: David Francis

I want more in relationships. One of them is to wake to the sight of a woman who brings out the best in me, and I, in her. A mutual growth. Not a parasitic damage. My wealth will be tied to my relationships, so it’s serious business. Call me greedy. 
8) I read books. 
With reading comes a knowledge that’s unmatched. With reading comes the meltdown of ignorance. Books have prepared me to be unscathed. 
Books have connected me with rest of the world. Books have openned up the Universe of possibilities to me. If I don’t read, I delay my wealth.
9) I love glamour.
My landlord doesn’t waste time to remind me of bills I must pay each month in the estate. I choosed to have an apartment here because I’d love to be reminded of the exuberance and luxury that comes with being around wealthy people. 
I don’t like dirty women or men. You should have some class. I love class. I love the feeling it gives me when I hang out with people who want more. Glamour makes me want to get more wealth.
10) Kindness is supreme.

I offer help to  those who genuinely need it. I share freely what I learnt with my blood. I strive to make others better versions of themselves. The Universe rewards me. In giving, I am receiving.

Should this list inspire someone, then I’m glad!


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