When I tell them to submit a content analysis of a poem or a literature in their language, they’d thunder, “No Sir!” When I ask them if they know at least 20 African writers, they’d look at themselves and nod in ignorance.
Oh, our history is still written by the Whites – they’d say Mary Slessor  stopped the killing of twins; that Mungo Park discovered the Niger River, etc – and we bask in this empty euphoria. 
Nigeria for instance, wasn’t even named by an African. She wasn’t even divided into zones by an African. The history of the South African apartheid wasn’t even written by the blacks. The toxic emotions that led to the Rwandan genocide and the divisions of a people was a product of the influence of the Whites. The “Bantu Philosophy,” wasn’t written by a Bantu person. 
Put in different countries on earth, our problems (as Africans) are very much the same because “the white man, whether in the majority or minority is always on top.” On our own lands, when the white man came for a visit, we gave them a seat. They sat. But afterwards, they said, “get out!” Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a Nobel peace prize winner had since written this in his “No Future Without Forgiveness”

This is one truth I had learnt from studies in the Philosophy of History namely: that the victors, the conquerors always write history. It  speaks of a rare truth that the majority of us have drunk for centuries – that until the white man comes and write your history, you have no history!
In (their) main stream media, they preach about the “poornography” of Africans. They tell us, “look niggas, it’s your poverty that has kept you where you are, not us!” Now we blame poverty for everything; beginning from families to worship centers and to political offices, the prayer against poverty is the most understood and the most uniting. 
In a bid to showcase how we’ve been favoured than our kinsmen, and our desire to sit with the whites on the table of neo-colonialism, we gamble and steal our resources as well as share same, selfie-in-mind, with the white man. 
Miriam Makeba had known, and revealed these margins in her 1969 interview; and like her I don’t speak now of an organic hatred for the Whites. I speak/write of an acknowledgement of the hatred sold to us – the one we are yet to see; the hatred for our own stories and our own histories as well as the hatred that’ll make anyone of us thunder ignorantly, “No, sir!” 
Author: David Francis E. 


It is a major rule that water is the best cleaning agent for our vaginas. No scented soaps, creams, powders, etc,  should go on or into the ‘honey pot’ in the name of cleaning.  This is because the vagina has an innate ability to sanitize itself, so water does suffice.
That said, today, I will be letting you in on 3 other Vagina Secrets that the majority of sexually conscious and fulfilling partners have tried, tested and found to be absolutely TRUE.
Very quickly, shall we? 👇
1) Pineapples are a girl’s bestfriend.

Sweetheart, if you want to enhance the fragrance of your honey pot, and you want your man guzzling your juices non stop and begging for more and more cunnilingus time with you, you want to consume more and more pineapples.
2) Your Vagina Loves Yoghurts e.g Greek Yoghurt.
Please do not deep yoghurt in your vagina, but make it a regular in your diet as much as you can. It’s referred to as a Probiotic meal. It helps prevent yeast infections by ensuring the presence of good bacteria and balancing the PH of the vagina. You can have it with fruit salads, vegetable salads, nuts and even raisins. It’s absolutely delicious.

Sadly, it is believed, and rightly so, that women who possess a healthy measure of hips and a backside are prone to yeast and other vaginal infections. 
Why is this so? It occurs due to the heat between your thighs which brings about a moist environment which in turn enhances the growth of the kind of bacteria that leads to these infections. Refreshingly, an increase in the intake of yoghurt will most certainly make such women experience less and less drama with their vagina. Quite the relief.  It’s always best to take the preventive route, rather than suffering the effects of infections and popping pills all the time.

3. Coconut Oil is indispensable

Babes, you shouldn’t  do without possessing a bottle of natural coconut oil. First and foremost it is so amazing for your skin, but best believe it’s twice as amazing for your vagina.

For those of you who are obsessed with washing the vagina, you can wash with coconut oil. Add a few tea spoons into a bowl of warm water, deep a towel into it and wash your vagina.

For those of you who react to lubricants, whether or not it’s water based. Coconut Oil is your bail out. 
To further solidify this point above, Dr. Chibuike Joseph, a medical practitioner had this to say:

  •  “Probiotics are non disease-causing  microbes that are beneficial to man when ingested. They help replenish the body’s normal flora, and by so doing, they keep harmful organisms at bay.
  • Yogurt is a probiotic food substance in the sense that it contains a large quantity of beneficial microbes. Incidentally, most of those organisms found in Yogurt, Lactobacillus species, are the ones naturally found in the vagina, and constitute nature’s ingenious strategy for preventing vaginal opportunistic vaginal infections like Candidiasis. 
  • So, Yoghurts help prevent, and even serve as adjunct for the treatment of, Candidiasis.
  • Coconut oil also seems to have promising antibiotic, and antifungal, therapeutic potentials. But this has not been proven beyond all doubts by large scale studies.”

For those of you who have yeast infections and are suffering the symptoms. Coconut oil can serve as a natural treatment for yeast infections. 

Take a tampon, pull it apart and bring out the white cotton-like bit you insert into the vagina. Hold it by the string, deep it into a bottle of coconut oil. Let it soak up the oil. Now, fit your tampon back together and insert that cotton bit into your vagina as you would do when you are on your period. You can do this morning and night. You should observe a relief within two days if not one. 
If symptoms persist, please see your doctor.

I know it’s tough to get natural coconut oil when there are so many adulterated brands in the market. I use a brand called TOR but to be extra sure you can make yours yourself. 
Get some coconut, take out the back and cut the coconut into bits. Put it in a blender and blend with water. Pour the blended coconut in a pot and let it boil till the water dries up, reduce the heat and leave it to steam as the oil rises to the top. Then scoop that oil and put it in a bottle. That’s your pure, organic, natural coconut oil.

It was a pleasure sharing this with you dear friends. No day as perfect as this to talk about the part of the body that played a major role in bringing about our existence. Either through sex or birth.

Author: Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan


What I have discovered over the years, is that one size does not fit all while pleasuring a woman. 
Just as there are women who get turned off when you bite  (not just nible) their nipples, there are some that will frantically beg you to bite their nipples HARD while banging them or stroking their clit, before they could come….
Just as some ladies would remind you love-making is not a fight and will tell you to please go nice, slow and gentle on them to get them to climax, there are others who would not even get near orgasm until the bed is destroyed as they ask you to go rough and hard…

Just as there are women who won’t let your dick go near their pussy for penetration until you have made them cum a few times through some good head and tongue-fucking, there are others who would push your head away and not let you give them a head at all – and it’s got nothing to do with hygiene but personal preference…
Just as there are some women who will achieve crazy orgasm through finger-fucking, there are others who won’t let you put your finger into their pussy…
Just as there are women who would come with just a few strokes of the dick (and then roll over and clasp their legs, because they are done and you’re on your own if you’re still nowhere cumming), there are others who won’t come until the vagina is bruised from an hour-long pounding…
Just as there are some women who would easily get satisfied and cum quick with shallow, quick thrusts, there are some others who need you to shift their womb with slow, rhythmic penetration before they’ll get to Venus and back…
Just as there are some women who go crazy when you doggy-style tnem and sing with your name, there are some who would scream in real pain if enter them from the back and simply turn on their back for you…
Just as there are women who love the missionary position because they want to be able to see your face and kiss your lips as you stroke away, there are some who can only cum when they do reverse cowgirl on you…
Just as there are women who won’t even take off their clothes until the  room is pitch-dark (talk less of rolling in the hay), there are some women who prefer you leave the light on….
Just as there are some women who love the long foreplay (others even cum a few times before the banging starts), there are others who just want you to just get it on…
Just as there are women who cum when you stroke just the clit and inner labia with the dickhead, there are some who won’t cum until you’re hitting their cervix and pushing it into their womb…

(Images: social media)

Moral of the discoveries
Ladies, open your mouth and tell your man how to pleasure you…he is no mind reader and his last girlfriend may be ‘let’s bring down the house’ type while you’re the ‘mommy’s gentle girl’ type. 
Guys, don’t kill yourself trying to satisfy a particular lady if she’s not telling you or showing you how to pleasure her. Who knows, all that heavy banging may not make her juice flow!

Author: Ade King Ebimomi (CEO at FDIB Limited).


My concern and deepest ideation is on the sanctity of humans of all ages, gender, and race; the idea that the child is an independent human being that deserves to be respected not given ideas or beauty standards at the behest of an external and often pompous source. 
No thinker or one concerned with innovative thoughts is independent in ideation, we constantly dip our hands into the historical cornucopia of knowledge, a ruthless gleaning of teachings in times past helps us formulate ideas that are relevant today. 
You will pardon my anachronistic reference points but hopefully I get a message through on the dignity, equality, and independence of every human being most especially infants! 
Modern philosophers and thinkers like Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke developed essays on the idea of Tabula Rasa or blank-slate, the idea that children are born with clean slates and we must have a child-centred training not an imposition of parental or societal beliefs and norms. 
While today’s neuroscience researches suggest that the brain is wired at birth to perform certain primordial life-saving tasks automatically, they are also clear on the nurturing of the brain as regards novel notions such as aesthetics and religion. 

The child doesn’t know these things hence we should have a child-centred training which gives children the dignity of choice as regards their own life rather than the imposition of what we as adults think is appealing. 
17 December, 140 AD Rome; ‘the best of days’ is at hand when the society celebrates Saturnalia, a festival dedicated to Saturn, the god of Agriculture and abundance. Society is turned on its head as servants are served by masters and parents obeying their children’s commands! 
The ideals of saturnalia is the sincere albeit comical idea of equality for all and this bellies the notion that children should not be bullied as their humanity is made of the same fabric as that of an adult. 
The imposition of ideas on children by parents and society ruins their ability to make empirical decisions through sensory perceptions and these impositions could be:
Tribal marks
Ear piercings 
Female Genital Mutilation
Male circumcision 
Political leanings 

(Image: blackslayinit)

We as parents must not impose on children, they will learn in little time and make independent choices, our duty should be that of a Roman parent at saturnalia. Parents must obey and respect children as they are good at heart though lacking in experience. 

Respecting children include respecting the sanctity of their mind and bodies because children grow up so fast, if she wants her ears pierced, she will tell you in no time; don’t impose your ideas of beauty on a baby, they are equal to you even though helpless and vulnerable sleeping cozily in parent’s arms, they are equal and deserve respect. 
This is why I don’t agree to tribal marks on children too, let them grow up and make the choice themselves, your only duty as a parent is to guide them in total obeisance if need be and work hard to ensure their needs and wants are met. 
The child’s mind is a tabula rasa that will be inundated with information mostly acquired through sensory perceptions but ensure the information they get is centred around the idea that they are individuals that can make their own choices with parental guidance if needed.

: Darren Idongesit (Philosopher).



As Sir James Robertson stood out as the last British Governor-General of Nigeria, elaborate prepararions were made to usher in Independence. It was to set a new history in the minds of the Nationalists as well as the large crowd at Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS) in Lagos. October 1st, 1960 would thus be the first day a jubilant crowd of cultured dancers, students, business moguls, acrobats, etc would begin to bear proudly the mark of citizenship.  It was also the celebration of Nationhood! But we should be curious to know what Independence is and how it is celebrated outside Nigeria (especially the United States).
​”Independence is a condition of a nation , country, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government , and usually sovereignty , over the territory” (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independence). Describing what the celebration of Independence ought to be, one is reminded that  “Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues , carnivals , fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games , family reunions , and political speeches and ceremonies, in addition to various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the” people. In the United States, this day is also known as the National Day and is also a national holiday marked by patriotic displays. Similar to other summer-themed events, Independence Day celebrations often take place outdoors.
Students from Sister Sarah Eke Memorial school, Nassarawa State, Nigeria.
Independence Day is a federal holiday, so all non-essential federal institutions (such as the postal service and federal courts) are closed on that day. Many politicians make it a point on this day to appear at a public event to praise the nation’s heritage, laws, history, society, and people.
Families often celebrate Independence Day by hosting or attending a picnic or barbecue; many take advantage of the day off and, in some years, a long weekend to gather with relatives or friends. Decorations ( e.g. , streamers, balloons, and clothing) are generally colored red, white, and blue, the colors of the American flag . Parades are often held in the morning, before family get-togethers, while fireworks displays occur in the evening after dark at such places as parks, fairgrounds, or town squares (cf. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independence_Day_(United_States).
Yet, today, Nigeria, still in her nostalgia, replays in almost every town square and stadium, that singular jubilation which has gone through 57 years of ‘stagnancy’ characterised by match past and speeches – not from Sir Abubakar Tafawa, the first Prime Minister of Nigeria, but from any elected or appointed Nigerian, worthy enough to speak English or to handle the microphone.
Image from www.connectnigeria.com
Hence, from the first Republic in 1963, through the valleys of a bloody coup d’ état, piercing through a separatist movement in 1967 to the fourth Republic in 1999, today’s Nigeria, through surreptitious means, still seek unity and stability through the agreement of “army leaders and contending tribal elements…” (cf. CIA Intelligence Memorandum, Oct, 1966; en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/history-of-Nigeria/ Assessed Sept. 30th 2017).
Image from Wikipedia.org
Our kids would have to spend the entire day matching and being reminded that their country is a ‘tough’ country and they must get to obey the ‘General.’ On the other hand, we must not be hitherto ignorant of how rich those historical “drills,” or matching,” is to the/a soldier. With common parade commands like, “fall in,” “fall out,” and “attention,” as well as the Four Directions in a military parade, it is the case that “one’s flexibility and initiative is destroyed in exchange for predictability and cohesion” (cf. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_parade).
One ought then to be increasingly worried at how this obsolete tradition of making our children and parents, in the name of Independence day, match in respect to a Declaration of freedom by yet destroying it.
At this point, may I import into this article, the clever words of Dr. Mrs Beatrice Ubeku (Focal person of the West Africa Women Association, an ECOWAS affiliate: cf. Wale Odunsi, May 17, 2016/dailypost.ng/children’s-day-enough-of-parade/ assessed Sept. 30th 2017) by asserting that our government should “go past boring parades and salutations” during the celebration of our country’s birth.” Re-echoing those first splendid words, we should be reminded that, “this great country, which has now emerged without bitterness or bloodshed, finds that she must at once, be ready to deal with grave International issues….” Sir Tafawa Balawa cited by Clifford Ndujihe in www.vanguardngr.com/2017/09/October-1-1960).
Let’s rethink and replace this ridiculous tradition of parades, political speeches and processions with speaking about the strength of our country, holding in our hands, a bottle of wine for family’s sake as well as listen to our history  as a Country for future’s sake!

Author: David Francis E.