February 17, 2017


By Gab Francis

”Hetero-patriachy” enslaves not only women.The system is threatened today by a changing socio-political system. Higher rate of divorce is not a by-product of an eroding moral standard. Rather, it is a consequence of holding every one-regardless of gender-to the same standard of morality and social accountability. Patriarchy must die in order for humanity to progress. Patriarchy is an anachronism. If we don’t bury it as a pattern of thought, it will sink humanity along with the planet- as western notions of hetero-patriarchy and certain aspects of our cultural norms that are moribund cannot allow healthy marital relationships to flourish. In 2016, a post industrial jet age, we cannot, and should not, hang on to the relics of the pre-industrial agrarian. Africa is no longer what it was in 1816 or even 1916 for that matter. We are designed by nature differently but equal in spirit and the laws of nature.

Viewing patriarchy as the natural order is toxic. The design is artificial and not natural. As a male, it is clear to me that the need to control women comes out of acute insecurity. Women liberation doesn’t only free up women but it frees up the entire family from the chauvinistic roles imposed to perpetuate and maintain hetero patriarchy. The debate is not about gender competition. Rather it is about what social model is appropriate for a progressive family in the twenty first century and beyond. Those supportive of hetero-patriarchy would, invariably, support domestic violence in as much as it’s a means, or tool, to impose male dominance and control over women. Feminism, as an emancipatory concept, stripped of its Eurocentric biases, is a reaction to the confluence of capitalism and post industrialization. Women are graduating from colleges and professional schools, at rates comparable, in some cases, higher than males. That fact, ‘ipso facto,’ supports their intellectual competence to be accorded equal treatment. To ignore the intellectual abilities of women would set society back to a pre-industrial agrarian age where apartheid-like-laws have to be created (as is the case in Saudi Arabia) to maintain the second Class status of women.

Families where men and women maintain equal partnership are healthier, more prosperous and more sustainable. Nations where women have gained greater freedom and equality, are more prosperous and advanced than those where the men act like neanderthal, having objectified women to objects of sexual pleasure for males and reproductive tools. It is the height of blunder to equate a woman striving to free herself from the yolk of male dominance with aggression; that is tantamount to accusing black abolitionists in America such as Frederick Douglass, Harrie Tubman and Sojourner Truth as aggressive. Laughable!

Would any one expect a slave fighting to gain emancipation to be non-aggressive? Oppression of women is real. None of us is free if any of us is still oppressed- Dr Martin Luther King.


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