September 3, 2017


By Patrick Che

Jesus was beaten before crucifixion. Scorching is not life threatening.


He was crucified by nailing through the feet and wrists or palms. These were not life threatening injuries as none of his vital organs were affected.


Crucifixion kills through slow suffocation, which lasted several days before the victim dies. Jesus stayed on the cross for only three to six hours, not long enough time to die by crucifixion.

Jesus was crucified with two others. To hasten their deaths, the soldiers needed to break their legs. The legs of the two thiefs were broken. Those of Jesus were never broken, because they found him motionless, and presumed he was already dead. (He had only slipped into a comma). Then they stabbed his side. Not all stab wounds are lethal. The stab was probably not deep enough to damage any vital organ. It should be noted that even when the body was asked to be brought down the cross, even Pilate was surprise if he was already dead, because he was crucified only a few hours earlier.

The body of Jesus was brought down from the cross by Joseph of Arithmathea, who was a secret disciple of Jesus, and a member of the Council who supported Jesus. Joseph then placed the body in his own personal tomb, which means the body was in the possession of a Jesus sympathizer or disciple. Of course he would do anything in secret to save Jesus or reanimate him. If the body of Jesus was in the custody of the Roman soldiers or the high priests, the story of christianity would have died or been different today!

Jesus was never buried in a grave like we do today. He was never sealed in a coffin. That would have been the end of him. Rather, he was wrapped in a cloth and placed in a tomb which had enough ventilation. So his burial did not conclude his death as burial would seal off somebody’s life today.

When the women went to anoint the body of Jesus, they carried healing substances and not embalming substances. This gives a clue that they had an idea that Jesus could still be alive. Of course, these women stood at a distance watching Jesus on the cross, and they saw that Jesus was taken down too early to have died on the cross. Of course they knew the tomb of Jesus, they spent the Sabbath in grieve, and couldn’t wait any longer as Sunday was breaking. They needed to see the body and do something if they could help.


The women met and empty tomb. They bore witness that Jesus was not in the tomb. Of course they were worried and embarrassed not to find the body. No one witnessed a resurrection. A resuscitation was very very possible. We should not forget that in the tomb, Jesus was still in the possession of Joseph of Arithmathea for possible revival. As a member of the Council, he did not vote for the execution of Jesus. Now, what could he do while possessing the body of Jesus?

The tomb of Jesus was never guarded. It was the private property of Joseph of Arimathea. Mathew’s gospel reports that the tomb was guarded. If the tomb was actually guarded for precautions of stealing the body, all four gospels could have recorded it. Matthew wrote his gospel about sixty years after the crucifixion, and his account is not an eye witness account. Mark who wrote the first gospel never mentioned that the tomb was guarded.


Jesus was seen after his supposed death. If Jesus was seen alive after the crucifixion, that’s evidence he never died on the cross. He resuscitated. We’ve got stories of our friends and relatives who on their sick bed, wake up from a deep sleep or comma to see loved ones mourning around them. Our local people describe this as coming back from the dead. These our victims often narrate dreams of an encounter with dead relatives. We have never labeled these come backs to life as resurrections. Why should we label Jesus own come back as a resurrection? Jesus was never clinically tested to be pronounced dead. His motionless body from the cross to the tomb was misinterpreted as dead.


In his post-crucifixion encounters with his disciples, Jesus showed them the scars of his wounds, to prove that his body never died on the cross. He even confessed that he wasn’t a spirit but flesh and bones and challenged his disciples to touch and feel him.


Luke 25:39


“Look at my hands and my feet, because it’s really me. Touch me and look at me, because a ghost doesn’t have flesh and bones as you see that I have.”

Jesus could as well showed himself up to the temple and to Pilate, to prove he had conquered death and is above death. If Pilate himself saw a resurrected Jesus, he should have documented it and this would be the greatest historical evidence of the resurrection. Rather, when Jesus survived the crucifixion, he went into hiding, often meeting his disciples only in secret, and would walk away from them, not wanting them to follow him again, as this would attract attention. He knew if had appeared to Pilate and the authorities, they would arrest and crucify him again. He avoided Jerusalem completely and went back to Galilee where he met with the disciples only in private. The last time he visited his disciples, he discussed with them, and then left them, promising them that he was going to prepare a place, and then come back and take them. Then he walked away.

Probably, he left the disciples at the foot of a mountain. Asked them not to follow him. Then slowly he climbed up the mountain while they watched. He climbed until he vanished from their sight. May be the mountain top was covered by a cloud, and so he climbed until he vanished into the clouds. The disciples would interpret this as being caught up in the clouds into heaven. He then descended on the opposite side of the mountain and never came back to them.

But when he went, he was unable to prepare the kind of place he promised. Circumstances caught up with him. And he never came back. The disciples were seriously at work waiting for a fair reward from Jesus. Until they all died, he never came back. They never saw him again. The disciples were fooled.


But where did Jesus go to, after his crucifixion and resuscitation? Those who research, let them find. Those who read, let them have understanding. Verily Verily I say unto you. The wise and prudent shall not find rest until the truth is revealed unto the four corners of the earth. Amen and amen.


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