February 10, 2018


A sex doll is crafted in the shape of a life sexual mate. This is simply an elevated form of masturbation. It is cut in the mould of having sexual intercourse with an adult toy, which allows for missionary and doggy styles, sliding your penis in and out of the cosmetic vagina without any hindrance.
An inflatable synthetic doll sculptured into a woman can only give a sexually repressed guy some excitement. Any man whose sexual preference lies with a thermoplastic doll has serious psychological problems and a dwarfed self-worth.

A sex doll is equal to a commercial sex worker, there are no emotions and refusal, but a little resistance whets your appetite! It is romantically pleasant giving your woman a bedroom chase and falling over with giggles, then she will say, “ok, you wait, I will do it.” I know you can relate!
Finally, your ‘joystick’ gains entry into the pink ocean, navigating the deep and extracting minerals from its crust, the woman clutching firmly to your body, while steadily increasing the tempo of wriggling your midrib. Oh what a joy! I prefer being abysmally poor and potent, to being fabulously rich and impotent!

Red dolls founder, McMatt Mullen, hopes people will have an emotional attachment with sex dolls.
Red dolls founder, McMatt Mullen, hopes people will have an emotional attachment with sex dolls.

There is no verbal feedback, fault-finding, or anything else from a plastiglomerate figure. If a man suffers from low self-esteem, then he may prefer a sex doll over a natural woman.
Sex doll may be the embodiment of man’s perfect woman. A pretty face that never fades and a curvaceous body with no hideous contour lines, yet this is incomparable to a naturally designed woman. Doll is for men who think it is unlikely to meet a woman whose sexiness cannot supplant that of a  doll.
I will never allow my sexual desires to compel me commit stupid acts. Some men do it out of inebriated desire for sex. However, if dolls could help lower the rate of paedophilia, then I guess it is worth it.

Giving people who cannot control their urges substitutes, are certainly better than waiting until they harm a kid. However, anything else, my penis disagrees.
Author: Kojo Frimjong

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