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Caved into the structure of living organisms, is the need for acquaintance, not just with self, but with others. This need has crept meaningfully to be a part of growing, surviving and existing. The reason for this is not farfetched; relationships in fact make humans and beasts feel fulfilled, happy and able to respond to conflict. Think of how calm a wild man would be at the touch of his partner; think of how ‘excited’ the dog is when it mates; think of how happy she would be, when the love of her life finally proposes.

The cover page of the book, "Go Get Her: A Guide To Getting The Woman Of Your Dreams."
The cover page of the book, “Go Get Her: A Guide To Getting The Woman Of Your Dreams.”

We all agree that in-between living and dying lie the answers to which we, are the questions. Depending on how these questions are approached, a man for instance, might secure a place in a woman’s heart or just inside her mobile phone. Hence, men and women of all ages, knowing this reality are in the wait for answers about this interesting aspect of our lives namely: relationships. This common denominator of questioning is the fuel to which the author of this book titled, “Go Get Her,” is being propelled.

The author of this masterpiece, Immaculate Uchechi Enyeribe, has painstakingly divided the book into three parts. Part One addresses the age-old concern of knowing what women really want. It also looks at possible places where one can meet a partner for the first time, as well as circumstances that can lead one to finding a woman of his dreams. Men and women (either young or old) are constantly in the wait for answers concerning the ‘hows,’ ‘whens,’ and ‘whys,’ of meeting or approaching a potential partner. Immaculate Uchechi addresses these concerns in Part Two.


Though she does this in a most unconventional manner, the author, Immaculate Uchechi, intentionally brings her readers from individualism (which is concretized in unnecessary and inappropriate questioning) to otherness (which is characterized by value). Immaculate, moves her readers smartly from the theories of methodic inquisitiveness (the ‘hows,’ ‘whens,’ and ‘whys’) to right action in Part Three.

The author of the book titled, "Go Get Her," Immaculate Uchechi.
The author of the book titled, “Go Get Her,” Immaculate Uchechi.

“Go Get Her,” I dare say, is not just a masterpiece for potential partners, but also a ready-handbook to folks who want to make their relationships better and more interesting. It is not just a book for the library, but also a book for the streets!

David Francis


Abuja, Nigeria, 

January, 2018.

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