April 18, 2019


NOTES TO A WOULD BE SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHOR: Tips to help you write a book that multitudes are eager to read, buy and share with others.
1. THINK OF YOUR READER from start to finish: The idea is yours to share but the presentation of that idea must be determined by the needs, desires, characteristics and attitudes of your intended reader.
Just think about the adults who write children’s books and cartoons. They’re adults but they’re able to create books and cartoons that children love because these stories are crafted in the language and style that children understand and enjoy. Do the same thing for your readers!


Think of them. Write in their language. Use stories they can relate to and they’d willingly and eagerly consume your ideas cos you developed it into a flavor of ice cream they already love ?
2. IT’S NOT ENOUGH TO MAKE,  YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO MARKET: Learn about book marketing as you write. As a self-published author, you’d be responsible for your own marketing and if you can’t market your books,  you would have created an awesome product , but it will sit in your house and not enough people will buy it or enjoy the benefit of your writing


Tips for self-published authors by Ifeoma Ikem
Tips for self-published authors (picture of author “Can I Be Married Already?” – Ifeoma Ikem)

If you study marketing while writing, you’ll be able to apply some of what you learn, even while writing your book. Seemingly simple things like having a catchy title/a captivating cover/ catchy chapter titles, and so on, will really help to make your marketing easier. But if you don’t know what works until after you’ve printed your book,  you would have a tougher time marketing your book!

  1. BOOK REVIEWS: are a great place to find the words your would-be reader already uses. It’s so important that you speak in a way that your would-be reader enjoys listening to. That’s why it helps to know where to find the right words to communicate your idea.

Search online for books written on a similar subject to what you want to write and read as many of the comments as possible. I can tell you lines and paragraphs in #canibemarriedalready, whose words I found browsing through books,  blogs and of course book reviews on #amazon and #goodreads.
4. YOUR BOOK TITLE AND COVER PAGE ARE SUPER IMPORTANT: Don’t joke with these two. They’re absolutely important. Study how to word your title right and make the sacrifice to get a professional to give you an attractive book cover and you’ll be doing yourself and your readers a massive favor.

We all still judge a book by its cover. And if what you’re writing in your book will empower or entertain the reader in no small way, then you must do your best to see you get these right.


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Ifeoma Nkem-gbemudu is a HR professional and author of ‘Can I Be Married Already?!”

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