August 2, 2019


Everyone seems to be creating online courses and you are wondering if you are fit to create one. You are fit. In fact, you are capable. All you need to do is to pick up the tools you need to create an online course. Remember, an online course is an avenue for you to share your knowledge thereby establishing yourself as an Authority in that field. So you have to get it right. But just before you get started, these tips will help you.
1) Have an idea – This is the core of the course. You have to be very clear on what you want to teach and what exactly you want your students to get out of it. In fact, make sure you have the end in mind. With the end result you hope to achieve, you can then create topics to help them make it.
2) Research – The essence of this research is not to make you feel less or give you something to copy or make you see that others have done it before and they may have done it better. No. The essence is for you to see what they have done and the angle from which they did theirs. This shouldn’t limit your creativity. In doing your research, you may even discover new things that will make yours quite interesting.
3) Plan ahead – I have two points here. They are ‘don’t create a course if nobody needs it’ and ‘create a course even when nobody needs it.’ It’s a bit dicey but I will explain. This is a principle I believe in. In fact, I only share the first one but who knows – the second one maybe a window to an opportunity you should have long ready for. Before creating a course, you have to make sure that it addresses an existing pain. This means you must have done your survey and see that it’s something your audience are willing to pay for. They should have paid an early bird fee while you are even preparing the course. Creating a course is a daunting task but creating a course that nobody pays for is emotionally wrecking. To avoid breakdown or self-doubt, please let your audience behaviour inform you.

online courses and conference picture from pixabay
online courses and conference picture from pixabay

However, sometimes, some courses are created not for now but for the future. People who do this are mostly top thought leaders. They create courses for opportunities they are preparing for so that when it comes, they simply execute. So whether you buy or not has nothing to do with their pocket or emotions. Courses like these are not just random. They come from a place of strategic planning and projection. Okay. Let me stop here. I thought to write this if someone’s destiny needs it.
4) Visual clarity – Make sure your videos are clear. Make sure you pronounce words well. Make sure your video is of good quality. If you are recording yourself (your face), make sure your background looks good and is less distracting. You can make a good background for ₦10,000 or less. Use YouTube to learn how. Ensure you look good yourself. Not the ‘owambe’ kind of look but a look that says you are an expert and you deliver value. Make sure your microphone works well and your words aren’t mumbled. If you are recording your slides on-screen, don’t have so much text. Keep it simple. Brand your slide if possible. You could have an intro if you want. I don’t have one but it looks cool on some courses I have taken. If you are guiding them on how to take an action, use the cursor to direct them so it keeps them engaged.
Now that you have these tips, owning a viewing platform where these courses you have created will be watched. There are third-party platforms and the one you own – your website. 


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